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Lana Smith has been offering natural hair care services for over 25 years. Like many cosmotologists, she started out just braiding and offering extensions to family and friends. After receiveing many compliments on her work, she enrolled in beauty college. She opened her first salon in San Pablo, CA in 1990.  After outgrowing that site she then moved to Richmond, CA and expanded her business to include ethnic arts and crafts.

"My goal was not only to make our people beautiful, but also to educate and inspire them to wear and care for their hair and their heritage. This is what God has given me to do. I do it to the best of my ability and thank Him everyday for the gift. I always offer the best of me to my clients, who have come to expect nothing less!" - Lana

Lana continually educates herself by always staying current in the field of natural hair care and styling options. She travels to the East Coast for Natural Hair Shows and Conferences at least twice a year in order to stay "in the know" about natural hair trends, styles and products.

Service Areas

Lana offers many haircare services throughout Northern California, servicing Vallejo, Suisun, Benica, Richmond, Berkeley, Concord, Martinez, Pinole, Hecules, San Pablo,Walnut Creek, Fairfield,  Suisun, Cordila, Davis, Woodland, Sacramento, Roseville and Natomas areas.

Please visit Lana at one of her locations. Call (707) 704-6699 for an appointment.

Lana and Sisterlocks

Lana received certified training Sisterlocks method in February, 2006.

"The first time I saw Sisterlocks in 1994, I was AMAZED. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at. Dr. Joanne Cornwell and her niece Monica were visiting Allensworth, CA, a historic African American town founded, financed and governed by African Americans, north of Los Angeles. I ran over to her and asked her about them, I wanted them for myself. " - Lana

Over the next 10 years Lana continued to admire sisters adorned with locks and finally decided to take the Sisterlocks training class in order to service a few of her clients who were considering locks.
In February 2006, she attended a Sisterlock training session in Oakland and again came face to face with Dr. Joanne Cornwell, the inventor of the Sisterlocks method.

"As she spoke, her now waist length locks spoke to me. They were a vision not only of beauty, but strength, freedom, independence, self confidence, self awareness, internal love, pride and even wisdom. In that instant, I had to have them, not only did I have to have them but I wanted every sister that I knew to have them." - Lana

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